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This is a collection of our upcoming and past workshops. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, currently all of our workshops take place online.

Our workshops and webinars are open to everyone.

Recordings from our webinars can be found on our Youtube channel.

VOICES Curriculum Launch Event

We are excited to invite you to join us this Friday, on 2 October 2020, from 1:00-1:45pm (BST) for the Launch Event of the new VOICES Curriculum! Register for the Launch event, meet the VOICES team and learn more about the VOICES Curriculum:


What is the VOICES curriculum?

The VOICES Curriculum is a year-long programme designed for women in the early stage of their career, those who wish to upskill or change careers. Registrations for Term 1 will open on Friday, 2 October.

What will you learn?

The programme will provide an opportunity for you to learn hands-on professional development skills such as negotiation, mental health at the workplace or financial literacy. Those attending all workshops of the Term will be invited to a Networking event in February. Participants will also have the opportunity to join the VOICES Linkedin Community – a community of fellow women curated by VOICES to share career opportunities with one another.

Stay tuned for our next webinar on July 17th 2020:

How to Thrive in a Tech Career: Skills Training

Please register on Eventbrite.


Tech organisations are still male dominated, especially in leadership positions. However, tech companies will only gain importance in the future. Technology will sooner than later shape most areas of our lifes, be it in a private or professional context. Since the usage of technology is equally distributed among the population, it is central to have a diverse range of people acvtively shaping tech development. Thus, it can be ensured technology serves a diverse range of needs.

This webinar caters for early career women who are already working or like to work in tech. We strongly encourage people from all backgrounds to attend, not only STEM subjects. Even if the primary target group are women and people identifying as women, we warmly welcome everyone!

We will host a diverse range of renowned speakers sharing their top hands-on recommendations in bite-sized contributins on how to thrive in tech! We keep you posted on the line up.

Shaping Policy: Skills Training for Early Career Women, June 12th 2020, 1pm GMT+1

Engaging with policymakers is crucial part in many organisations, whether of private or public nature. This workshop will help you learn how to communicate evidence to policy-makers and how to thrive in the policy-making world as a woman.
Join our VOICES experts who will provide bite-sized insights and tricks from their experiences in engaging in policy-making. We hope you will get inspiration how you could connect with policymakers in your field to advance your career. This seminar does not only cater for women already working in the policy sector, but rather for everyone who wants to make their voices heard and their work recognised. Engaging in policymaking can significantly accelerate the impact of your work, so don’t miss out and join us soon!

Digital Networking During a Pandemic: May 7th, 2020 1pm GMT+1

The next session of our webinar series will take place on 7th May at 1pm UK time and we will discuss digital networking during a pandemic. The Zoom link will be shared before the webinar in email following the Eventbrite registration. More details about the event on Facebook.

More about the webinar:

Networking is an important part of advancing our careers, especially for women. Not only when we are actively searching for a new opportunity but also long before: You don’t want to worry who to ask if you desperately need advise or support, rather you want to make those connections in times when you do not rely on them. But how to effectively network during a pandemic when events are cancelled and most institutions closed?

We will have two wonderful speakers sharing their experiences about building a reliable network and giving advise on how to build a strong network in times of virtual collaboration.

Speaker 1: Olivia Barnard is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a former McKinsey consultant. While at McKinsey, Olivia was a champion for the firm’s diversity efforts. She served as the women’s lead for McKinsey’s Notre Dame attraction efforts and in this role, contributed to the increase of female Notre Dame hires at the firm by leading information sessions, Q&As, and 1:1 interview prep sessions with undergraduate students. In her last year at the firm, 50% of her assigned Notre Dame buddies received offers and joined the firm. Her passion for career coaching inspired her to start her own company – Signature Interview Prep. The goal of Signature Interview Prep is to help candidates land their dream jobs, with an initial focus on providing resume and interview prep support to job-seeking candidates. Olivia’s vision is for Signature Interview Prep to become the leading provider of resume and interview prep services in the country. During this session, Olivia will speak about her experience in building an extensive professional network and how you can leverage digital tools like LinkedIn to advance your professional goals.

Speaker 2: Swetha Akhnoor is an organizational psychologist by education and a Human Resource professional by experience. Over the last decade, she has built two organizations from the scratch, enabled social entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, helped bring quality education to thousands of children, connected hundreds of people to the right opportunity and established a strong belief that together we can make the world better. She is passionate about helping people and organizations achieve their full potential, especially with the assistance of data and technology.


Recordings from our webinars can be found on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj7_55wDmBa6-guCzJFi-sg

Personal Branding Webinar: April 3rd, 2020 1pm GMT+1

Personal branding is becoming an essential part of career planning, especially for women. This is not only true if you strive for a career with public visibility. Personal branding is important within every organisation and field: to make sure you get the job or promotion you want, or just make sure your daily efforts are noticed.

As part of this workshop, we will have two personal branding experts and a political communications professional who has built her own brand and podcast share their valuable tips and telling their stories of building their brand. In a positive and supportive environment, we want to give the topic a positive notion and show: every woman can become comfortable with their own way of personal branding!

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