Together, we make a difference

We are a team of women coming from all over the world, based in Cambridge and Dublin. We were brought together by the Global Shapers Community, a community of young people committed to improving the state of the world, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Our members:

Zsofia Szlamka (Cambridge)

Zsofia is a developmental psychologist and a PhD Candidate researching health inequalities and concepts of empowerment from a cross-country perspective. She is passionate about equality of opportunities, loves learning languages and is crazy about travelling. VOICES, to her, means more than a collaboration, it is a project bringing women together from different corners of the world.

Khaoula Morchid (Dublin)

Khaoula Morchid is a Civil Engineer and a Transport Planning Consultant passionate about infrastructure and the future of mobility. She loves hiking, traveling and connecting with people from different parts of the world. Khaoula is excited about improving gender equality and working with inspiring women from around the globe through project Voices.

Clodagh Quain (Dublin)

Security and Defence Researcher at Ireland’s leading think tank, the IIEA, responsible for the research and events programme. Over six years international experience in Paris, Brussels and Vienna with experience at the EU Institute for Security Studies, European Parliament and Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.

Juan Azcarreta (Cambridge)

I am a Research Engineer at Audio Analytic, Cambridge, UK, working in signal processing and machine learning algorithms. Through my experience attending STEM conferences I realized there is a lack of women public speakers. VOICES is an international project where we aim to give visibility to women leaders that will sparkle inspiration to the next to come! I feel passionate about technology, discovering different cultures and learning new languages. I am a member of the Global Shapers Cambridge Hub, the youth organization of the World Economic Forum.

Dr Pahini Pandya (Cambridge)

Dr. Pahini Pandya is the CEO and co-founder of Panakeia Technologies. Following a BSc. in Biotechnology in India, she pursued a PhD in Cancer Biophysics at King’s College London and continued her research on cancer as a Post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge. In addition to her academic pursuits, she has facilitated the translation of research to the wider community through several leadership positions as the President, Innovation Forum (KCL), Vice-President, Cambridge Consulting Network and Committee member, Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge.

Elisa Roth (Cambridge)

Elisa is an industrial engineer passionate about tech for good and equal representation of women in STEM. She currently pursues her PhD at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge. Her research focusses on empowering industrial operators through digital assistance systems. Previously, she has been active with Engineers without Borders. Elisa has been further involved in technology consulting and product innovation functions, among others at McKinsey&Company. She is excited to give more women a platform at panels and conferences, believing that every voice matters.

Kate McNeil (Cambridge)

Kate works in knowledge translation, and holds a MSc from the London School of Economics, where she focused on humanitarian decision-making. She is presently the communications lead for Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy and the Partnership for Conflict, Crime, and Security Research. She previously worked in Canadian politics and parliamentary affairs at both a national and provincial level.

Shane Hamilton (Dublin)

Shane is an Engineer currently working in a large Irish Robotics startup. He is passionate about using technology to solve problems for everybody, particularly solutions that help people in developing economies. Shane believes the lack of diversity in the tech sector is a serious problem and is interested in investigating ways to address it.

Past Members

We are grateful for all our amazing friends and colleagues who have previously contributed to VOICES!

Hanna Rasper (Palermo)

Hello there, my name is Hanna and I’m a Designer based in Palermo. From here I work in the fields of creative strategy, (info)graphics, design fiction and social impact. With PUSH I research and explore social and urban innovation through service design. And within Ellery Studio Berlin, I coordinate projects in the spheres of design fiction and creative approaches towards renewable energies. I‘m proud holder of a BA in Media Design and a MA in Design for Social Impact from the Paris College of Art.

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